Barkin' Bites EASY Cod Fish Homemade Meal

Hey, furparents! We are back with our newest recipe. This time, we are incorporating our cod fish flavor, modeled by our Barkin' Bites Ambassapet UNO.

Uno was a perfect candidate for ambassapet. He looked fantabulous in his Ambassapet entry and look how much of a BOSS he is!

That's why he was one of two who won the contest. That look in his eyes and that outfit just screams BOSS! Now, back to the task at hand: our cod fish recipe.

This recipe is again very simple and easy to do. We only have three ingredients and you don't need much skills in the kitchen. These easy recipes are the best when you want to put a twist in your dog's meals and give them something to look forward to. 

As told by you should never serve your dog raw sweet potato. So this is a good way to cook them easily. Sweet potatoes, like says, are nutrient dense. They’re packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. 

And to put a twist on it, we mash them with goat's milk to give them probiotics and add a little flavor to their sweet potatoes.

Try out this easy recipe and tag us on social media! 

Can I add or remove ingredients?

Definitely! Your pet's health is your responsibility as a pet owner and we always recommend using your best judgment. If your pet doesn't like an ingredient, toss it out! But if they love it, go ahead and mix it in.