Barkin' Bites EASY Chicken and Egg Yolk Homemade Meal

New year, new recipe with your pup's favorite treat—Barkin' Bites!


There's just something about homemade meals that makes you feel closer to the people -- or in this case, pets -- you prepare the meals for. Although it takes out time in your day, there's no doubt that your pets will love this simple recipe and that you'll also enjoy making it.


This first hassle-free recipe we have for you uses our very own Barkin' Bites!


Why these ingredients?

According to feeding carrots to dogs is beneficial because they contain virtually no fat, which means they’re an ideal choice for both older and overweight dogs. also recommends goat's milk, which is rich in essential fatty acids, making it a great dietary supplement for dogs. That is why we love making this special mashed potato. Mashing the potatoes also helps with digestion as our pets tend to chow everything down too quickly. 

Barkin' Bites Chicken and Egg Yolk are also both rich in protein, which is essential in every dog's diet. And the best part? They're ready to mix-in with the other ingredients. NO NEED TO COOK!


Can I add or remove ingredients?

Definitely! Your pet's health is your responsibility as a pet owner and we always recommend using your best judgment. If your pet doesn't like an ingredient, toss it out! But if they love it, go ahead and mix it in.