Recipes with Fluffy Fur

  • Barkin' Bites EASY Beef Liver Homemade Meal

    Can your dog eat beef liver? Definitely, yes! This vitamin-rich protein has become a favorite of some of our pawstomers. Its demand has greatly inc...
  • Barkin' Bites EASY Cod Fish Homemade Meal

    Hey, furparents! We are back with our newest recipe. This time, we are incorporating our cod fish flavor, modeled by our Barkin' Bites Ambassapet U...
  • Barkin' Bites EASY Chicken and Egg Yolk Homemade Meal

    There's just something about homemade meals that makes you feel closer to the people -- or in this case, pets -- you prepare the meals for. Although it takes out time in your day, there's no doubt that your pets will love this simple recipe and that you'll also enjoy making it.