12 Days of Sales for Strays

Last December 1-12, 2021, Fluffy Fur PH partnered with DARV (Davao Animal Rescue Volunteers) to raise funds for their expenses such as vet bills and dog food for their daily needs. DARV has been around since 2009 and has been helping strays within Davao City since then. Maam Sonia, the founder, has selfishly homed many of these strays and have taken the initiative to help them find new homes through a strict adoption process.

Watch the video for more information about DARV:


This partnership was the initiative of Fluffy Fur owner Kacey Maceda who met with DARV founder Sonia WIlliam to help put it all together. The short project began its promotion through the posting of the strays who were still up for adoption. The strays' stories were put up on Fluffy Fur's social media account which helped promote their adoption and also promote the 12 Days of Sales For Strays. 




With the help of our pawstomers we were able to raise ₱19,852.28!


Fluffy Fur is very thankful for every pawstomer who have made a purchase or multiple purchases within these days. We also thank everyone who shared our posts to help spread the news. 


Fluffy Fur will definitely have more projects like this so please continue to support our brand.


To those who have big hearts for stray dogs, you may donate money or goods. You may also adopt. For donation and adoptions, kindly message the Davao Animal Rescue Volunteers or Sonia Tata William.